Don Brehm & Precision Park

Donald “Don” Brehm is one of the many prolific innovators in the long history of the CT River Valley’s “Precision Cluster”. He was heavily involved in various technical and machine tooling companies over the last forty plus years, many of which he started himself. This blog will primarily focus on his first and most successful company, Pneumo Precision, and how it has affected similar industries in Keene. However, I would be remiss to not mention the staying power of his other endeavors. So here’s a few small snippets form Brehm himself on the Pride he feels regarding what he’s done in the local precision industry.

I guess I’m proud it still continues. I’m proud that Presitech is still in Keene and is still providing employment. I’m proud that it’s lasted. I’m proud of all the spin-offs. I’m proud of Ken Abbot and what he’s been able to do. Corning company in Keene, which was one of our departments at Pneumo originally.

I guess I’m proud of the effect it’s had on the local economy. All those businesses that still exist and are providing employment. I’m proud that a number of my former employees have started their own businesses.

Mr. Brehms career as the founder and owner of Pneumo is detailed in the story-map below:

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